Announcement: Breaking Changes - GraphQL API

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We received a lot of feedback and love for the GraphqQL API. With respect to the responses, we have been iterating a lot on the API to improve the overall UX and design. The recent changes in the API introduce a bunch of breaking changes in the available queries. The following are the supported queries in the new revision.


As you can see feed queries have been refactored into two root queries

  1. storiesFeed
  2. discussionsFeed

Both of these queries will accept a FeedType and page argument with page index starting from 0.

  enum FeedType {


  • Let's say we want to fetch the global feed. So, the new query will look like:
  storiesFeed(type: GLOBAL, page: 1){
  • The query to fetch your personalised feed is similar, but make sure to provide the Authorization header.
  storiesFeed(type: FOR_ME, page: 1){
  • Queries for discussionsFeed are similar to storiesFeed. For example, a query to get the recent discussions will look something like this:
  discussionsFeed(type: RECENT, page: 2) {

Looking forward to hearing more from you folks. Please keep the amazing feedback coming and we are looking forward to making the APIs better.

Edmund Ekott's photo

Hello, I can't find a way to get posts of a specific user, what I want to achieve is fetch articles I've written using my unique authentication key, or is that not possible?

Osinachi Chukwujama 's photo

Bros, I de here too. Seems like they removed it from the API.

Pratik Lodha's photo

I had a question regarding the following query. What does "type" in bold indicate here? query{ storiesFeed(type: FOR_ME, page: 1){ title type } }

Rodion Borisov's photo

Nice, gateway to AMAs is really straightforward 👍💯