The Hashnode App 📱 is here, woohoo! 🎉

It's been a long wait but finally, we can say “It’s really happening!”. The Hashnode mobile app is here in public beta for you to test and share feedback. 🎉

Hashnode App Screenshot

How to download the Hashnode app?

If you are an iOS user, you can download the app via Apple's TestFlight.

  1. Download Apple's TestFlight app from the App store
  2. Download the Hashnode App.

The Android version is not ready yet. It will be out in the next few days. Stay tuned (follow us on Twitter to stay informed).

What's included?

The first few builds of the app will be focused on content consumption. You can read popular and recent posts from Hashnode. There'll be no write operations like writing a post, adding a comment, or reacting to a post. Here's the full list of things you can do in this version of the app:

  1. Read popular and recent Stories.
  2. Read popular and recent Discussions.
  3. Search posts on Hashnode.
  4. Report a bug, share feedback or add a new feature request.

Upcoming features / Roadmap

24th July 2019

  • Release Android app

29th July 2019

  • Add user log in.
  • Allow users to ask a question and write a story.
  • Allow users to add a comment on a post.
  • React to post with emojis

5th August 2019

  • Add user registration
  • User onboarding
  • User profiles

12th August 2019

  • Node pages

How can you contribute?

If you are testing our alpha and beta builds, please share your feedback with us. You can use one of the following channels to reach out to us directly.

Updated on : 29th July

Hashnode Android App is now available for beta testing. Read the announcement.

Updated on : 1st August

We have updated the app roadmap. We have factored in the time taken by the Appstore and Google Play Store to review each builds.

8th August (ios and android)

  • Add user log in.
  • React to post with emojis

12th August

  • Allow users to ask a question and write a story.
  • Allow users to add a comment on a post.

16th August

  • Profile pages
  • Tags
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Tomorrow I can use Hashnode Android app


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Still waiting,

waiting for 84 years

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Waiting for Android version ❤️

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Surprised 🎉 but waiting for Android version.

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I was thinking PWA support for hashnode would be good enough

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I mean just PWA should be enough, it can support multiple platforms as well, lesser to maintain. Just my suggestion.

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I guess I am the only Ubports phone user? ;D ....

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Marco Alka already know this one :) thx. it's basically the thing mentioned in all forums. I found it when looking for a way to use spotify :). There are about 2 applications I would consider using anbox for. :) I rather am restricted ;D .... no shitty tracking codes, no supercookies ... :)

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